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The ‘Multi-Channel Capture Software’ which enables you to ingest multiple streams of SDI and record to industry standard video codecs using the Bluefish Epoch cards is available as a software package to anyone with a Bluefish Supernova card.  

However, Bluefish444 are now offering the complete IngeSTore solution in a box, enter the “ingeSTore 3G Server”.

Using the Epoch 4K Supernova S+ card this server provides 4 x HD/SDI inputs or 2 x 3G SDI inputs and with a 10Gbit network interface you can connect to your own shared storage (Hint: Studio Network Solutions (SNS) a perfect solution).

In a world where everything is getting so complicated the option to ease the workflow and complexity by having a plug and play solution is very appealing.

Whilst on the subject of ingeSTore, Bluefish444 announced the latest feature which will save you time and is a perfect solution for live events….

...Edit While Record With ingeSTore.

Editors can now access files whilst they are still being written to shared storage. This is available both in the ingeSTore software and the ingeSTore 3G Server.

With the ability to ingest directly to your storage solution your workflow is simplified and shortened as there is no file movement required afterwards.


More info on The Bluefish444 Website HERE


Electron and Optikos are the next generation of Bluefish444 video I/O cards under the Kronos banner and are due to be in full production soon.

These cards offer multiple channels of high-bandwidth UHD, High Frame Rate and High Dynamic Range video I/O and processing across both traditional SDI, and also through emerging IP standards such as SMPTE 2022 and SMPTE 2110. KRONOS also adds video processing technologies including resolution scaling, video interlace and deinterlace, hardware codec support, and SDI to IP and IP to SDI conversion, and that is only the beginning.


More info on the Bluefish444 website HERE

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