dnaLTFS uses StorageDNA’s enhanced Linear File Transfer System (Hyper Tape). dnaLTFS has been developed to let users interact directly with files on a tape using their favourite applications for the fastest, simplest LTO tape workflows available anywhere. By building a Random-Access Database (RAD) file for each tape’s media contents, Hyper Tape eliminates the latency seek […]

Tape is Evolving

“Breaking The Tape Barrier” dnaLTFS – The NEW Randomly Accessible Tape Storage Media: From StorageDNA FAST With dnaLTFS using LTO-8: Get speeds of 300MB/Sec & 12TB of raw capacity storage SIMPLE Accessing and moving data becomes ‘As easy as 1, 2, 3’ DIRECT ACCESS Improves LTFS by enabling direct file access with applications you use […]

HOT NEWS From StorageDNA: Multi-Generation LTO Support

Introduction We have recently added the ability for multiple generations of LTO tape drives to co-exist in the same library/autoloader. This new feature will allow LTO-5/6/7/8 drives to co-exist in the same library in order to provide greatest user flexibility with regard to managing their archived content. Why is multi-generation support important today? LTO generations […]